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Installing your Viking horns is a relatively simple process that can help you enhance your security system. To get started, you may need to gather the necessary tools and materials, including a power supply, wiring, and screws or other mounting hardware.
Models: V101C-5/311-1, V101C-3/1007, V101C-3/4008, V103C-3/307, V103C3/307, V103C-5/307, V103C-6/307, V103C-5/201, V107C-2/1007(4008
Apr 21, 2023
Check out the mounting, wiring and specifications to have the proper installation of your Viking Horns: Model 1007...
Models: V003A, V201, V205, V1001, V1007, V4008, V311-1, V307, V310AIR HORNS
Apr 21, 2023
Get to know the right way to do the horn and hose installation and the electric valve wiring...
Apr 21, 2023
In this guide you will find the instructions to carry out the installation of your Viking Horns: Dual...

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