Viking Horns – Get LOUD!




Discover the essence of Viking strength as you embrace our horns. Channel your inner Thor and unleash your powerful presence, resonating with authority on every open road journey.


Prepare for epic battles with our formidable tanks, forged in the fires of Odin's strength. These mighty companions will empower you to dominate any journey, instilling confidence in your adventures.


Elevate your journey to new heights by harnessing the immense power of our top-notch compressors. Unleash the force of the Ragnarok, ensuring an unparalleled and unforgettable ride like none other.


Prepare your arsenal for an epic journey. Our kits empower you to unleash a thunderous roar, resonating as powerfully as your heart desires, making your adventure truly unforgettable.

Sound Levels

Because every adventure is different, you can choose how loud you want to be, our products vary from 105 dB up to 172 dB. And our color indicators Yellow, Orange, or Red, will guide you with a Viking warning to all the barbarians that come your way. Get ready to GET LOUD


Nathan Sacco

“Reliable service!!!I have purchased a horn and I was not happy with my choice. was kind enough to exchange it for a deferent horn. This is what I call customer service at its excellence.”

Don. Mercer

“I just bought this Antique Sound Horn. This is the one I have been looking for and it sure sounds like the 1930's horn. Excellent product. I highly recommend it."

Alec Ellis

“Great deal!!!
I have been looking for a long time for this train air horn system. Most of what I have seen before was way overpriced. Finally I found the right horn system for an affordable price. It sounds very loud at 152db as advertised. When this horn blows, people turn their heads. It sure gets a lot of attention.”

Mike Goodman

"I just wanted to say thank you for making this great Train Horn System available. Great product at a discount price. I installed the Viking air horn system yesterday and I am really amazed how loud this air horn sounds. Keep up the good work."

Donald S. Stewart

"have bought the compact air horn #613B to replace it the original low sound factory horn. It sure is louder than the original. I had a problem with space at the engine compartment, and this compact size air horn made it easy for me to install in a tight space. Thank you for solving my problem."

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