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150 PSI Air Compressor with 1 Gallon Air Tank

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Get ready to impress the gods with the ultimate air compressor kit that will take you straight to Valhalla. The 1-gallon air tank and 150 psi air compressor kit with air supply system is perfect for any high-pressure Air Horns that require an onboard air system. The kit includes a 1 Gallon air tank, a heavy-duty air compressor, an air pressure gauge, an air pressure switch, a hose and mounting hardware, and fittings. This fantastic product can be used for SUVs, trucks, RVs, Marine, suspension, and more. The air compressor can be removed from the air tank for tight space installations (if required) and can be installed alongside the air tank. With quality you can rely on, this air compressor kit is truly outstanding.
150 PSI
SKU: V3301
$154.99 USD