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Extra Loud 149dB. Chrome 4 Trumpet Air Horn Kit with Compressor and Air Tank

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Sound Level 3

Get Loud and set your Viking’s presence with this train Sound Air Horn kit entirely made of metal. Triple Chrome Plated to withstand all weather conditions. Comes with a 3-gallon (12 liters) air tank, 150 PSI 12 volt Heavy Duty 50% Duty Cycle Air compressor, 0-to-240 PSI air pressure gauge, 120/150 PSI air pressure switch, mounting hardware, 1/4 inch air hose, connecting fittings, air safety release valve, electric air valve solenoid, Teflon tape sealer, and installation instructions. Great for SUVs, trucks, RVs, pick-ups, marine use, and many other applications.

Sound Level: 149dB.
Dimensions: Horn overall dimensions: 15-1/4", 13-1/4 ", 12 h. Trumpets length: 15-1/4", 13-1/4 inch, 12 ".

$285.40 USD