$23.20 USD

Compact 12 Volt Mini Air Compressor for Air Horn

If your adventure is on a motorcycle or any tight engine compartment, this brand-new Heavy Duty 12-volt Mini Air Compressor would lead you to Valhalla. Mounts easily with a built-in mounting tab. This Model is universal and can be used It comes with positive (+) and negative (-) electrical terminals for easy installation. For more information, you can send us a message in regards to this air compressor!

Dimensions: Compact size of 4-½ inch Height x 2-½ inch Diameter, with metal housing.

Valve pressure: Produces 15 Psi Air pressure.

Requirements: ONLY for smaller 1 and 2 trumpets air horns that require lower than 15 psi air pressure to operate, and have a similar canister type direct drive air compressor. It will not work with large air horns that are equipped with electric air valve solenoids and require an on-board air system.

SKU: V616C
$23.20 USD